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Kangen WateR


Hi, I'm Patti

I am a 2x National windsurfing champion living in Richmond, VA. I have always had a quest for natural living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Just recently I made some interesting connections with people and ideas. Some of the ideas where familiar to me, but I just didn’t know the way to implement them into my diet and lifestyle.  One my most interesting findings so far is on the water that I used to buy every week for myself and my kids to drink - it was not the best choice for our health.  In fact, a quick pH test revealed that it was very acidic and not ideal for the body. I have been drinking Kangen Alkaline Water for the past 9 years and have felt strong, healthy, and full of energy. I haven not been sick since I began drinking the water. I am so excited to share it with you and tell you how it has changed my life.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: 757.383.0173


Looking forward to hearing from you!


- Pattis Healthy Living -

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