Enagic's Kangen Water Alkalizer


Anti-oxidant, hydrogen rich water made fresh in your own home

  • Detox your body, balance your pH, and hydrate your cells with alkaline drinking water

  • Use other pH's for household cleaning, beauty, and much more

  • Contribute to environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, and chemical-free living

2.5 pH

Strong Acidic Water

Disinfects, kills viruses & bacteria

6.0 pH

Beauty Water

Tighten, tone, and hydrate your skin

8.5-9.5 pH

Kangen Water

Drinking water at the optimal pH for your health

11.5 pH

Strong Alkaline Water

Emulsifies oils to clean produce and remove pesticides

Not All Water is Equal, Here's Why...

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Why Enagic?

Originating in Japan, Enagic has been making medical grade water ionizers for over 45 years. With a direct translation to "return to origin" in Japanese, Enagic products strive to restore the body to its natural, alkaline state. 

Enagic's Kangen Water® devices have earned medical status in Japan and Canada, employing only #1 medical grade titanium, the kind used in surgery and satellites. The large electro-plates are hand-dipped into liquid platinum (not sprayed), for a thicker micron coating. Competitors use a lower grade commercial titanium, resulting in a lower quality product with less performance and longevity.


These ionizers have been awarded a Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association (WQA) and have received global recognition.

How to Order

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