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Some call it magic, others call it chemistry

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What's Happening Inside the Kangen Machine

1. Tap water enters the machine, often containing harmful contaminants like chlorine and pesticides. Passing through the carbon filter removes these.

Electrolysis (1).png

4. From the top of the machine, a negatively charged, hydrogen rich alkaline water flows.

2. The polarized plates separate the molecules in the water into positive and negative streams. OH- ions break away from acidic H+ ions during a process known as electrolysis, where electrons are transferred by the machine's positive and negatively charged plates.

3. The oxygen rich, acidic water flows out of the bottom hose of the machine.

Your body loves hydrogen

Because it's full of anti-oxidants​ 

The H2 molecule is a selective antioxidant that targets dangerous free radicals, slowing down aging, aiding in detoxification, and boosting the immune system.

Because hydrogen is so small, it can penetrate into the deepest parts of your cells and eliminate free radicals at their source. 

Image by Drew Graham
Image by mrjn Photography

Be smart, drink Kangen Water!

Hydrogen rich water is characterized by exhibiting a negative Oxygen Rich Potential (ORP). Kangen Water has an ORP between -200mV and -500mV. The lower the ORP, the higher anti-oxidizing potential.

As a comparison, most bottled water has an ORP above +400mV, meaning it is extremely oxidizing and harsh on the body (in addition to being acidic!) 

It's all in the ORP

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