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Feeding Your Kid's Brain

We all want our children to be healthy and smart. In order to have a healthy and high functioning brain, we must nourish it properly! This begins in the diet. By drinking alkaline water consuming a wide range of vitamins and nutrients, the brain and body can grow and work better.

"Smart fats" are a crucial part of this process. Smart fats include the omega-3 fatty acids, which can be found in seafood, flaxseed oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, dark leafy greens, walnuts, coconuts, avocados, organic goat dairy, and eggs (especially the yolk). It is important to avoid hydrogenated oils, fried foods, and a diet too high in processed foods, which contain a lot of refined oils.

One of the best supplements that I recommend giving your kids is algae DHA. Fish get their omegas from the algae that they eat, so the best and cleanest source is from the algae itself. There are many brands that sell Algae DHA in drops as well as capsules. It's worth looking into more!

With the right fats the brain can work properly to learn and retain information as it was designed. 

Here are some fun brainy-fat snack and meal ideas:

  • Avo pudding: Use avocado for a pudding base…I blend avocado with mangoes, bananas or peaches. It is delicious for everyone!

  • Make nut/coconut balls: I just put in the food processor soaked almonds, dates, peanut butter, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut milk and cacao powder.  Rolled them into the balls and put in the fridge to firm up.  SOOO good and both boys can eat them.

  • Make a raw nut pate for dipping

  • Mix nut butters into their yogurt

  • Steam an egg yolk for 4 minutes in boiling water and stir into yogurt, coconut pudding, etc. Can’t taste it and it adds a great creamy flavor.

  • Put coconut oil on everything!

  • Add ground chia seeds to their cereal, yogurt or a smoothie

  • Make smoothies and add lots of good fatty foods to fruit and coconut water

  • Use plain goat yogurt in sauces and soups to add the good fats (tastes like sour cream in recipes)

Invest in your families health by drinking and eating clean. Reach out to me if you would like inspiration or guidance - I have been promoting healthy lifestyles my whole life.

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