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What Can Kangen Water Do?

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Kitchen Sink
2.5 pH

Household Disinfectant

Ditch traditional chemical based cleaning products for a safer, more environmentally friendly household disinfectant. Use it on counters, cutting boards, bathrooms, etc. to kill over 99% of germs.

Image by Dominik Martin
8.5 - 9.5 pH

Hydrate Your Body

Drinking 8.5 - 9.5 pH alkaline water helps return the body to its natural state by flushing out stored toxins and acidic waste. Disease and pathogens cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment.

Image by Frederick Tubiermont
11.5 pH

Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Remove pesticides, harmful chemicals, and wax from fresh produce by soaking them in a bowl of 11.5 for a few minutes. Pour the water off into a clear glass to see all the residue removed!

Skin Care
2.5 pH

Treat Skin Abnormalities 

Use 2.5 pH water topically to treat eczema, psoriasis, poison ivy, warts, and more. The oxidizing agents present in the Hypochlorous Acid (2.5) destroy harmful microbes, killing bacteria & fungus.

8.5 - 9.5 pH

Rich in Antioxidants

Strengthen the body's immune system and avoid cell damage with a glass of Kangen Water, containing more antioxidants than 5lbs of blueberries. No more hangovers!

6.0 pH

Facial Toner

Use as a face wash or simply mist on your face and let it dry. 6.0 is the optimal pH to tone skin and close pores to tighten cell gaps, blocking out harmful environmental contaminants.  

Woman Sleeping
11.5 pH

Stimulate Melatonin

Drinking 0.5 to 1 ounce of 11.5 pH water before bedtime can help release Melatonin for a great night of sleep. You can also create a pillow mist with lavender essential oils and 9.5 water.

Hanging Laundry
11.5 pH

Stain Removal

Use as a spot cleaner (soak 11.5 for 20-30 minutes on stain) or by the quart as a natural laundry detergent to remove tough grease stains. Also try it in the bathroom to remove tile and toilet bowl stains.

Image by Brandless
8.5 - 9.5 pH

Add Flavor in the Kitchen

Cooking with alkaline water helps maintain the flavor in foods, while cutting the acidity. It can enhance the flavor of rice, pasta, and soups and gives your coffee a richer taste with half the beans! 

Image by Jonathan Borba
2.5 - 11.5 pH

Animals Love it

Animals love drinking Alkaline Kangen Water (mine especially). I have also treated their wounds and various skin irritations with 2.5 pH and always wash the dogs in 6.0 pH to ensure a silky coat. 

Chart & Stethoscope
8.5 - 9.5 pH

Balance Your Inner pH

 I can’t tell you that Kangen Water will heal you, but I can tell you that because drinking Kangen Water aids in returning the body to it’s original balance, it's then able to initiate it’s own healing response.

Image by Igor Son
6.0 pH

Water Plants

Water indoor and outdoor plants with 6.0 for vigorous growth. It often even works on reviving dying plants. The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development as well.

Image by Elena Koycheva
2.5 pH

Improve Digestion

Drinking 1 - 2 oz of 2.5 prior to a meal helps facilitate digestive juices and leads to a healthier gut. It is also useful to drink if you have an upset stomach, as it has been found to kill bacteria like E. Coli.

Image by Bill Oxford
8.5 - 9.5 pH

Promote Weight-loss

Kangen's micro-clustered water molecules enter your cells significantly more than regular (larger) water molecules do, leaving you feeling hydrated and fuller for longer. 

Image by Markus Spiske
11.5 pH

Reduce Inflammation

11.5 pH Kangen Water can be used to reduce inflammation, swelling, and bruising in the body. Soaking a bruised hand in a bowl of 11.5 pH water for example, provides nearly instant relief.

But Wait...There's More!

With the power to disinfect with 2.5 pH water and emulsifying oils with 11.5 pH water, the uses for this machine are virtually endless. Beyond the household, Kangen Water provides an abundance of personal health benefits. Reach out to me and we can discuss how Kangen Water can change your life.

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